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We care about a better future for all. We are involved in some exciting social good project and also donate some of our experience to projects that create change. We are committed to joining forces with other movers and shakers making a difference. Join us.

Knowledge for Inclusion

- Partner Programme -

We are delighted to partner up with to bring knowledge to drive social inclusion throughout the world. Through our Knowledge for Inclusion programme, we provide online access to a collection of over 35,000 books and 15,000 videos from 400 different publishers in 5 different languages. The content covers business, skills including IT skills and self-development. This content with context can be made available at no cost to a wider range of groups active in the social good arena on a permanent basis, courtesy of the collaborating publishers, BlueBottleBiz and Cities & Collaboration.

Typical groups who can benefit from the programme are those involved working with underserved communities, refugees, disabilities, homeless, education. To qualify for our pilot programme you will:
- Be a registered charity, social entrepreneur or community interest company.
- Be able to dedicate up to 2 hours a month to access the collection and bundle content into modules that are relevant to your community. Example: create a package with chapters and videos relevant to IT skills.
- Be willing to provide written feedback to assess the programme and testimonials for marketing purposes.
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Connect Talks

Social connectedness or our daily face-to-face contact with other people, is not only a critical source of job and career opportunities, it is also a key physical health driver and a protector against mental illness. What for some sectors of society is a given and a way of life, for others it is the lack of such connectness that defines them.

- What is a social mind, social capital and why does it matter?
- What are the basic steps to increase connectedness?
- How do ecosystems work and how to navigate them?
We share our knowledge about social capital, connectness and ecosystems in the form of Connect Talks. We collaborate with a number of trainers and experts who can share their knowledge with your company, team, club or family.
We also work with connectedness-poor groups such as refugees, migrants, injured and disable people, veteran or other vulnerable groups who want to learn how to harness the power of a social mind.
Contact us if you want to organise a Connect Talk, want to join as a trainers or want to sponsor our activities.
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We are part of many international initiatives that create opportunities for all.


- New Project -

We live in times of triple crisis: climate change, poverty and disillusion. We recognise that addressing these challenges requires not only technological invention and intervention, but a shift in our very cognition.
We believe that the size of the problem has outgrown linear or singular initiatives, rendering such approaches useless. Shift will come when addressing challenges as systems.
The call is to expand the frontiers of what we know and recognize that if society as a whole is to address global challenges, it has to find new ways of thinking, deciding & acting. New thinking is in demand, but where can we find that “new” knowledge? We are on a mission to find knowledge, skills and lifestyles of the indigenous populations as a source of innovation to address our global challenges.

This initiative counts with the support of
- RightNow! -
- The LaudatoSiChallenge - and
- The University of Edinburgh -

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Again and again we see that intelligent, ambitious and hard-working women miss fantastic opportunities simply because they do not know how to bring their point across, pitch or focus on some basic few messages. We are on a mission to train women to tell their own stories brilliantly. We want them to make an impact, be impactful and have impact. We want to see them shine, take the stage and inspire others women and girls to play their unique part in creating positive change on a global scale.
WomenOnStage (WOS) is our in-house female empowerment programme only available for women who are humgry to make a change. It is a one week curricula of highly individualised growth programme built around 10 different topics identified as critical for impact development. The programme takes place maximum twice a year in London. WomenOnStage is delivered by highly qualified trainers, each of them leaders in their own field.

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Do you want to make your own mark and bring change to the life of many?
We would be happy to support your project if it meets our impact criteria.
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