Our services are designed with one thing in mind. We bring people together to help them do achieve new heights, we help companies grow internationally and we generate space to innovate, collaborate and grow.

Trade & Investment

We advise promotional agencies, local government or national policy teams to create the best conditions for international business. We work with Trade & Investment teams to help them design strategies that foster local growth, increate internationalisation of local companies and secure stakeholder support.

Outsourced Trade & Investment Teams

We provide recruitment and outsourcing services to a London based foreign Trade & Investment Team. We help with defining job specifications, manage the recruitment process and find the right candidates for short term assignments or permanent roles.
"Cities & Collaboration provide us with first class talent to support our existing teams here at the Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in London. Our experience working with them has been very positive, especially their tenacity, flexibility and efficiency in finding solutions to complex issues."
Inmaculada López Martínez
Head of the Economic and Commercial Office
Spanish Embassy in London
"Joining Cities &Collaboration as a consultant for the contract with the Spanish Embassy has been a rewarding and varied experience. I would recommend it to any professional interested in cross-cultural communication, promoting international trade and project management. Carolina's on-going support and positive attitude has been invaluable in making this a success."
Jahan Peter Alatsas
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International Growth Accelerator

These are programmes sponsored by government, agencies, chambers of commerce or sector associations to help their companies grow to new markets. We design & deliver the full programme in collaboration with local partners and sector experts.
“This is an innovative turn-key solution that simplifies our work tremendously. We were impressed by the range of services included; they provide sufficient depth and flexibility to meet the expectations from diverse companies we support”
A Latin American City

International Growth Accelerator

We focus on how to increase attractiveness, outreach and competitiveness. We see our role as to help countries, cities & regions to live up to their potential.
“Thanks for your recent work on Best Practice in City Tourism Promotion. I’m excited to share that our client provided very positive feedback on working with Cities &Collaboration.”
GLG Research

Power of Competitions

Unleash the power of competitions.

We work with 2 of the most prestigious global social challenges organisers and have more than 8 years of experience in designing, delivering and leveraging the power of competitions to ignite economic growth. We offer turn-key solutions to help you organise a local competitions and crowd-source solutions to very specific problems you have in your region.
Competitions offer innovative ways to to create local economic growth, by helping locations to harness collaboration of engaged citizen, private sector partners, release the power of ideas and implement them. It is a well-designed collective experience with tangible benefits such as:
  • Attract new ideas to solve a specific problem
  • Save cost in delivery of existing services
  • Strengthen identity within a communities
  • Boosts innovation
  • Engage difficult to reach groups
  • Inject a sense of purpose and collective responsibility at local level.
There are 2 different type of Challenges: If you are in front of a new challenge and seek ideas as to how to solve them, then an Ideas Competition is the right fit. Cities will unearth top quality ideas that fit the challenges that need to be solved. If, on the other hand, the focus is on understanding of what needs to be done and want to find experienced start-up who have done this before, then an Innovation Challenge will provide the right results.
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City to City

We travel a lot and speak to innovators all over the world. We have met some awesome people and learnt about fabulous projects that can help cities and regions grow. We want to share what we have seen. This list helps you find tools, opportunities to join consortia, win tenders, participate in competitions & win awards.
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Can't find a call for your city? Write to us. We love to hear about your city ambitions. There might be some connections we can provide. Let us know how we can help.
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Trade not Aid

Women in Trade

Stats of women contribution to society. McKinsey report Gender-responsive trade: create eliminates patri Recognizes, and distributes Gender-driven policies, ecosstems from the get-go moment. content/uploads/2018/06/CONCORD_Trade_Gender_2018_online.pdf?86d384&86d384
Trade & Gender
Ambassador Syed Tauquier Shah - WTO


Only 1 in 5 companies that trade crossborder are female-led. Women have huge challenge. Women access to Trade finance is limited. There are limited networks particularly focused with trade-border capacity building.

Perspective of workplace + marketplace + investorplace not being women-friendly

Women are job takers of trade generated jobs (as Trade Women and Digital Empowerment are unstoppable. There is hope that Smart phones have changed the definition of literacy. Everybody who can operate a smart phone, has access to the world. If you can’t you are isolated. Jack-Ma / E-commerce is not a desert. It is the main dish. Acknowledge digital revolution, address digital divide and gender aspect of Gender + Biz/Biz + Ecommerce Recognize that trade policies are not gender neutral. Gender-disagregated data on trade (how to generate that data, interpretet and use it for policy making).

Gender-led FDI?
600 million entrapped in vulnerable jobs.
Stimulus to correct this is the market/the consumer. Irrespective of agreement it is the power of the big buying companies to treat women/girls well. Digital skills. Power of networks.

UN SDGs Consultancy

We participate in a number of high-level roundtables and forums seeking to embed the United Nation’s Social Development Goals (SGSs) into Trade & Investment. Leaving no one behind is not a small task; it requires a concerted and collaborative effort to do so. The good news is that when ambition meets willingness to do this meets resources, there is a chance that we can actually do this.
We look at topics such as Investment Facilitation for Sustainability, Practical Approaches to use Trade as a leaver for Change and what green Trade & Investment looks in practice. We advise organisations on how to embed the SDGs in Trade & Investment and create partnerships that support them.