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Cities & Collaboration takes pride in being of service to our clients. That is why we offer our pro bono program to promotional/economic development agencies or host economies in need. We set aside time all year to give back to those who cant afford our services, but need our support. We can typically accommodate up to 3 projects per year. Often, our work is used as the foundation for a full strategic plan or to serve as a catalyst for other opportunities.

We are interested in working with promotional/economic development agencies facing times of uncertainty and are concerned as of how to retain or grow the foreign investor base. This could be due to the impact of social or political crises, natural disaster or economic downturn. We also have a special place in our heart for least developed countries (LCDs).
Covid19 is certainly one of those big ones.

Are you the right fit?

We are particularly interested in projects that require no more than one week of intensive engagement followed by a meeting (online meeting) to discuss findings, insight and recommendations. Our work typically focuses on:
- Assessing local capacity to deliver Aftercare services - Developing a resiliency framework. - Formulating a action plan with a short and medium time frame.
During the social distancing period, we will do these consultations online. When we go back to normal, we can travel to your location. Communities are only responsible for travel expenses associated with the site visit. Typical costs are in the range of £1,000 to £1,500 per professional and per visit. The value of our donated professional time can be documented and may be used towards a local match for various grant programs. To find out more, please get in touch.

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