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Fridays for Future

Inspired by Greta Thunberg, who skipped school on Fridays to go to parliament to seek change, we use our Fridays to go to the private sector to help business, family offices and NGOs develop new sustainable impact project.

We do this with using different tools, such as our acclaimed "Impact Compass" workshop, or our "Minimum Viable Mindset (MVM)" talk. We also judge at business plan competitions, innovation prizes, in addition to mentoring founders.

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City Rankings

Best Cities For Women

What cities are good for women, drive an inclusion agenda and realise the potential of fully including females in building societies?

We are joining some brilliant minds to answer those questions.

And if you want to know how your city ranks, drop us a line.

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Best Cities for Men

It is not easy to be born a man.
Certain places are hostile and dangerous and it can even have a significant effect in life expectancy. Violence, culture and lack of opportunities demand a high toll and men are paying the highest ticket.

How can we build inclusive societies that provide a space to all?
Let us think this together and create tools to support men.

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Ancestral Knowledge

Indigenous Know-How

We live in times of triple crisis: climate change, poverty and disillusion. We recognise that addressing these challenges requires not only technological invention and intervention, but a shift in our very cognition.
The call is to expand the frontiers of what we know and recognise that we have to find new ways of thinking, deciding & acting. New thinking is in demand, but where can we find that “new” knowledge? We are on a mission to find knowledge, skills and lifestyles of the indigenous populations as a source of innovation to address our global challenges.

The "StoneSoupForAll" initiative counts with the support of
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- The LaudatoSiChallenge - and
- The University of Edinburgh -

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