Our insight is unmatched

Our insight is unmatched

We deliver insight-driven, yet practical and impactful consultancy projects.


FDI creates thousands of jobs globally. Which ones will land in your location?

We help you become the bridge that connects the ambitions of foreign investors with your local business opportunities.


Don't ignore established foreign investors or they will ignore you

We ignite your FDI Aftercare practice and help you help investors grow, expand and become champions of long-term economic growth.


If you are short on resources then do advocacy; it will bring the highest yield to your FDI efforts.

We equip you with a solid foundation from which to improve your investment climate, remove blockages to growth and create a framework for your advocacy plans to be more effective.


Let's push the frontiers of FDI and mobilise investors as catalysts of change.

We develop programmes that mobilise FDI as a driver of sustainability:

In addition, we collaborate with other consultants and
join or support projects in the following fields:


Our partners are governments, chamber of commerce or consultancies.

We help companies scale faster with our International Growth Accelerator


Let's inject funding to accelerate job creation.

We facilitate access to international funding to help accelerate economic recovery and growth:


Our partners are foundations, think tanks
and academia.

We ideate, design and advise global partnerships for economic development

Times of complex challenges require joining forces with experts of different backgrounds and knowledge sets. We are ready.

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