Collaboration Services

We all are wired to collaborate.
It is our human nature. Unfortunately nobody teaches us to do so. It is time to learn how to do this.
We work closely with organisations keen to develop collaborations. We help them navigate institutional geography, scout private sector partners and develop programmes that bring many sectors of society together. We believe that every organisation has something to contribute to another partner and generate local wealth. Our role is to facilitate that ambition. While forging hundreds of collaborations we have also learnt a bit. We like to share what we have learned.

Services on collaboration:

  • Consultancy: We provide advisory services to help you make the most of the “possibility of a collaboration”.
  • Speaking engagement: we can add a different twist to your event, conference or workshop, sharing theory and practice of how to collaborate.
  • Training: We train teams of all age and sectors to hone their skills in the art & science of collaboration.

We can create tailored programmes for your needs.

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Collaboration makes the world go around
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We empower the next generation of collaborators

Our collaboration experts have experience in many industries and have led collaboration initiatives with proven results. We know them and have vetted every single one. Let us know the type of collaboration projects you want to embark on and we will find you the right match
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We love to hear from you and plot the next collaboration that will change the world.

We like to spread the love for all things collaboration, share our insight and learn from other collaborators. Collaboration is like a sports. Practice, practice, practice. You need to learn how it works, practice it with other people, do things together and celebrate what you have achieved, together. Lean in and become a master in collaboration for the good of all of us.
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