About C&Co

C&Co stands for Cities & Collaboration.
With more than half of world population living in cities,
we can’t overlook the opportunity these agglomerations offer as actors of economic growth.
Cities is where people, ideas and resources come together.
Collaboration is what makes the world go around.
C&Co is at the very heart of that intersection.

What we do

At C&Co we empower partnerships and programmes that help business grow internationally and catalyse economic development. We specialise in international business and touch on the many topics that are related to it, such as foreign trade & investment, marketplaces that facilitate company growth and gow ecosystems that provide opportunities for all, just to name a few.

We certainly believe in the power of together.
Most of our work is based on collaboration with 3rd parties, partnership and consortia. We do this because, we are conscious that creating impact is not easy and that it requires many different skills. We are convinced that we can create the most exciting futures when equipped with a vision that inspires and places interdependence at the very heart of every programme.
We are excited about the various projects we are involved..


Cities & Collaboration is a collective of experts in economic development
who combine a wide range of experiences and make innovation a priority.
Our mission is to connect dots: we link people, knowledge, resources, networks and ideas
that catapult international business and ignite substainable development.

We are a collective of practitioners and consultants with extensive experience in key roles in trade & foreign direct investment, business growth and economic/social development. We see ourselves as a group of driven, ambitious professionals, thirsty to do more, eager to make our contribution and have some fun in the process.



Join our team if you are passionate about helping companies grow and helping locations thrive.
Can't find a call for your skills?
Write to us. We love to hear about your talents and ambitions. There might be some roles that are not even advertised. Like for example joining our board, curatings news or becoming an associate.
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Our bit

We believe we have a globall responsibility and place social good in the very heart of what we do. We run a number of probono projects, donate a percentage of our sales to local communities and pledge to do the same for our IPO.
Please see our current activities in the Social Good page and do not hesitate to contact if you have a project you want to share.
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