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According to an OECD study, only 36% of OECD investment promotion agencies (IPAs) officially perform aftercare activities. However many more locations look after established investors, but call it business support programmes, business retention and expansion services (BRE), post-investment, investor relations, business growth or simply customer services. They recognise the importance of investor loyalty and are deploying extra efforts to nurture relationships and create the best conditions for investors to grow and thrive.

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We are the very first global consultancy solely dedicated to FDI Aftercare.
We are on a mission to equip teams with strategies, tools and mindsets that help them the make most out of the presence of long established investors.
We have researched the topic extensively, have helped countries define their first aftercare strategies, have implemented dozens of post-investment programmes and have coached professionals all over the world.
We can help look after foreign investors.
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Uncertain Times

How to retain investors during a social, economic or political crisis?

No country is looking for crisis; unfortunately many face them. From corona virus to climate change or street protests. Whilst there are no formulas to retain investors when investments climates are not favourable, there are some best practices that can help retain investors, safeguard jobs and minimise the effects of unforeseen crisis.

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Training, Mentoring & Non-Execs

We share decades of experience in all matters Aftercare. Topics include post-investment, investor services, policy advocacy, ecosystems affairs, placemaking, sustainable investment, and so much more.

We stand at your side and help you make decisions that will result in local impact. Our in-house toolkit will make your journey easier and help you develop the mindsets that will define your career.

We also join boards as non-executive directors (NEDs) to help shape strategy.

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Aftercare Assessment

Online Test

Do you want to benchmark your Aftercare activity?

We have developed a proprietary tool to understand your Aftercare activity, its strengths and weaknesses, as well as the steps that need to be taken to be ahead of the game.This is a practical tool that will help you improve your Aftercare performance.

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Book @ Aftercare Explained

Upcoming Book

Aftercare Explained is the first book to map the last step of the journey of a foreign investor. It includes a wide range of approaches by host economies to retain foreign investors, encourage follow-on expansions and achieve greater local economic impact There are sound business and economic development cases to set up strong professional business support units specialised in aftercare.
This book explores the why, what and how of aftercare and develops a practical framework to understand the dynamics of this emerging industry and deliver services.

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The Author

With extensive experience in international trade & investment acquired during her time at London & Partners, the official promotional organisation for the British capital, Carolina Arriagada Peters designed ambitious Foreign Direct Investment strategies securing projects from over 80 countries, delivering thousands of jobs.
Carolina set up Cities & Collaboration to bring her experience to a global audience. She regularly advises and trains International promotional / economic development agencies on how to maximise the impact of established foreign investors and on how to design, execute and monitor successful Aftercare programmes.

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  • International City/County Management Association Kotval et al. (1996). (1996) Business Attraction and Retention: Local Economic Development Efforts.

    "Every economy loses about 10% of its jobs annually due to retirements, business closings, product life cycles, etc. Existing businesses are best positioned to replace those jobs."

    International City/County Management Association Kotval et al. (1996). (1996) Business Attraction and Retention: Local Economic Development Efforts.
    International City/County Management Association, Washington, D.C
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