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We are the first FDI consultancy specialised in helping promotional agencies and economic development organisations grow and retain foreign direct investors. We are on a mission to equip teams with strategies, tools and mindsets that help you make the most out of the presence of long established investors in your host economy, and mobilise them as champions of sustainable growth.



We provide unmatched consultancy services in all matters post-investment
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Our courses are the best kept secret in the industry
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Our proprietary methodology will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.
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We know how to grow and retain investors. We even wrote a book about it.
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We help you improve your investment climate and remove blockages for growth.
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We create programmes to expand the benefit FDI brings to the host economy.
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We provide weekly classes, 1-on-1 and mentoring to FDI practitioners, with tailored content designed to address challenges of the c-suite, strategy, client-facing and advocacy teams.


We giver regular talks and organise webinars to help you make sense of post-investment. Join us


Launch of book expected in Autumn 2021.

Join our webinar about our upcoming book:
‘Investment Aftercare Explained. A Guide for FDI Practitioners and Policymakers on How to Grow and Retain Investors.'

Aftercare is arguably more important than the initial landing of FDI. This book demonstrates that with on-going business Aftercare, the greater the client’s chances are of expansion and economic prosperity.
Craig O’Kane MBE. Former Director FDI and Capital, The UK Department for International Trade – (Australia and New Zealand), United Kingdom
Read the book and get out to visit your foreign investors; you will discover the difference you can make to your host economy when looking after therm.
Anne Have Kjærholm - Head of Tech - Expert in Business Retention & Expansion, Copenhagen Capacity, Denmark
As an economic development practitioner, I could not put this book down.  This is exactly what practitioners need as a guide in doing effective Aftercare.  Post-investment Aftercare Explained provides an easy to understand roadmap with examples that every Economic Development Professional should reference as they work in FDI.
Erik Collins, MA, Director of Economic Development, Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio, USA


We curate post-investment news, resources, insight, interviews and content that help practitioners understand and master post-investment.

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