"Our services are designed with one goal: to bring people together to help them achieve new heights, help companies grow internationally and inspire locations to innovate, collaborate and grow."


We are optimist about the power of International Business 2.0.
We believe we have a responsibility to expand the limits of what trade & investment can achieve. We see it as a force for good, a driver for social change that brings innovation, opportunities and jobs to places where there were none. We place societal change at the very heart of what we do and align our work with with the changes society needs.
We connect cities, regions, countries and villages with brilliant minds committed to reinventing business as a force for good. From supporting regional development agencies to national authories, councils to chambers of commerce, star-ups to corporates.
We breathe ecosystems and know that connected we convene the multitude of skills needed to generate big impact.
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We create platforms that convene, develop tools that facilitate international business and train movers and shakers to empower collaboration.

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